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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

J.C. Lewis Motor Co.

Located at 9505 Abercorn Street in Savannah, Georgia, J.C Lewis Motor Co., Inc. remains closed on Sundays and its Service Department Hours on the rest of the days are from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm for Monday through Friday and from 8 am to 4 pm on Saturdays.

The website of J.C. Lewis Motor Co., Inc. is, which you can visit to get on-line information about the products and services being offered by them and about their car dealership. Basically this website collects the personal information from the customers, which helps in providing meaningful customized services when the customers actually visit J.C. Lewis Motor Co., Inc.

The website of J.C. Lewis Motor Co., Inc. can help you build your repair order online and benefit from online coupons and the recommended maintenance schedules as well as the recalls detection. We can help you in finding the right vehicle if you visit the View Model Line-Up page.

The Service Department of J.C. Lewis Motor Co., Inc. is committed towards providing the best experience of vehicle ownership. Whenever you need any parts for your vehicle, J.C. Lewis Motor Co., Inc. can provide the exact and properly engineered parts that would be ideal for your vehicle.

At J.C. Lewis Motor Co., Inc. you don’t have to worry about compatibility, fit or performance as only genuine parts manufactured to the exact specifications are provided to ensure your vehicle’s long-lasting trouble-free performance.

You can avail of cash back, low APR and lease specials at J.C. Lewis Motor Co., Inc. when you buy a vehicle. Moreover, there are special incentives for specific vehicles and you can get the best service at the least price if you come to J.C. Lewis Motor Co., Inc.

You can contact the following numbers if you have any queries about J.C. Lewis Motor Co., Inc.

Tel: (800) 867-3673
Fax: (912) 629-9244