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Monday, September 05, 2011

Will You Finance Your Cash For Clunkers Car?

As folks go to trade in their old paid off car though the Cash For Clunkers program many will not have the cash to purchase a fully paid off car. Many will already be neck deep in credit card debt. Some will be out of work receiving an unemployment check. The question is, will you finance your car and take on car payments and more credit debt and if so how much risk will you take?

Helpful Tips For Financing Your Car Purchase:
Pay as much of a down payment as you can, remember the borrower is slave to the lender. Take your $4500 cash for clunkers credit and add cash to that as much as possible. Make your car payment as small as possible and pay it off quickly.

Don't buy too much car for your budget. Trading a paid off clunker for a new car with high payments will leave you car poor. The idea with Cash For Clunkers is to save money not to put your financial health at risk.

Don't lease your new vehicle. Car leasing is a rip off, if you have to get a car loan always finance at the lowest rate vs entering into a rip off car lease.

Lastly, if you have a lot of credit card debt, consider putting off that purchase of a new car and drive your clunker while paying off your credit card debt. Don't let the offer of government money keep you from goals of getting out of credit card debt.

Look for financing incentives from your dealer. Chrysler is offering 0 percent financing and many others like Toyota, Honda and Ford may also offer low cost car loans as well as the cash for clunkers program.

Ford Helps Protect Indiana Workers From Unemployment

One of the best promotions I ever saw for selling cars was done by Ford Motor Company. They pitched that if you buy a Ford car or truck and then later become unemployed Ford will take over your payments until you find work. For those in high unemployment states like Indiana this is a smart pitch. When times are uncertain and you have friends and reletives receiving Indiana unemployment benefits why on earth would you go buy a new Ford and take out a loan to do so? Well maybe you would if your payment is covered should you also become unemployed. An offer like this is smart as it shows Indiana residents that Ford knows their situation, Ford will have their back and also Ford is smart in that the odds despite high unemployment are quite small that those who can afford to take out a car note for a new Ford will actually become unemployed. There is also that small slice that even if unemployed will not actually hold Ford's feet to the fire to cover their car payment since they will receive unemployment insurance. One question i'd have related to this promotion. Would recipients of unemployment benefits have to claim the income from Ford making their note payment as income thus reducing their benefit?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mississippi Ford Dealers Helping Employed The Unemployed

Sure the Mississippi unemployment rate is out of control, way beyond the norm for the rest of the United States but there are bright spots in Mississippi. Did you know that the Ford Dealers in and around Mississippi are hiring? People are buying cars and more importantly they are keeping their old cars, buying used cars and these and other factors are causing Ford dealers in Mississippi to hire mechanics, lot attendants, sales reps and managers. Don't believe me? Stop by your local Ford dealer at 8:00am and look at the line of cars being dropped off for service. Check out the used car lot where you'll find that used cars are sold days after they are traded in by new car buyers. Yes unemployment may be high in Mississippi but the Ford dealers here are doing their best to employ as many as possible for as long as services are in demand.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Missouri Ford Dealers All Tucks On Sale

If you've been thinking about trading in your current car or truck today is a great day, Missouri Ford dealers are hosting a huge selection of Ford cars and trucks at sale prices. Excited about the recovery of the US economy your Missouri Ford Dealership will be extending their best pricing to you and other customers in en effort to get you to spend spend spend. I like this because not only does your Ford dealer have to compete with other brand card dealers on price, they also need to compete with other Missouri Ford dealerships to gain your business. This means better price but also better service and post sale support for the customer. In an arrangement such as this everyone is a winner. Of course if you aren't ready to buy you can still get great service from the technicians at your local Ford dealer. Many are open weekends and late into the evening to accomodate your busy schedule.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Better Deal At Alabama Ford Dealers

If you are giving thought to buying a used or pre-owned vehicle and you reside in Alabama, you will want to find a quality Alabama Ford Dealer. When it comes to buying used cars you will find that you can often get a better deal from one of the Alabama Ford Dealers than you can get if you opt to buy from a private seller. Alabama Ford Dealerships not only offer you greater buying diversity when it comes to buying a pre-owned vehicle, but you derive additional benefits from working with a dealership.

When you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle from one of the many Alabama Ford Dealers you are getting a vehicle that is not only has a warranty, but it has been thoroughly and rigorously tested to ensure its quality. Private sellers often do not offer any kind of guarantee on a used car and the vehicle is basically an “as is” purchase. Dealerships in Alabama have a reputation to maintain too, and this means that you can rest assured in knowing that the dealer has done everything to ensure the safety of the vehicle you choose. What’s more, you get financing options with a dealership that are not offered by a private seller. Find a quality Alabama Ford Dealer now!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Who Is Hurt By Cash For Clunkers?

Normally I don't get political on this blog but the more I think about this Cash For Clunkers program amid all the other government welfare and spending the more it ticks me off the unintended consequences. At first blush Cash For Clunkers seems like a great way to stimulate the economy and improve the gas milage of our vehicles. But think of what happens to that "clunker" when it's turned in and how many people are dependant on that vehicle being driven. So with that in mind here's my list of people who are negatively affected with each car turned in under the Cash For Clunkers Program.

1: Charities - Many times cars that will be turned in under Cash For Clunkers would be donated to charity. Now because the government has stepped in offering a handout this car will simply be crushed.

2: Fire Departments - Many carss that would otherwise be donated to your local Fire Department for training will now be turned in and scrapped.

3: Auto mechanics - Your smaller mom and pop type auto repair shops exist because people drive cars worth less than $4500.00 these cars need inexpensive repairs and independant auto mechanics exist because folks take their cars to them. Under Cash For Clunkers these cars will again be scrapped taking business from the small business that needs it the most.

4: Buyers - Most of these buyers turning in their clunker had the car paid off. Most should not be buying anything new due to the economy. However most of the buyers of new cars through Cash For Clunkers will finance the vehicle or worse lease the vehicle bringing a ball and chain of payments, risk and lost cash flow into their life. Another aspect of this is depreciation. Smart car buyers buy used vehicles 1 or two years old. Buyers under Cash For Clunkers will likley take on payments they can't afford and will instantly lose 50% of their $4500 savings in depreciation cost.

So when you get excited about government programs that "stimulate" the economy. Condider the other half of the coin. When they give money to one person they ultimately take it away from another.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Laird Noller Kansas

If your in the market for a new or used vehicle in Kansas, just look for the name Laird Noller before any car dealership. Laird Noller is a quality name on quality Kansas car dealerships. In fact whether your looking at a Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, or Jeep or many others you'll find what your looking for at any of the Laird Noller Ford or Laird Noller Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealerships in Kansas. Speaking of Ford since this is the Ford Dealer Blog. In Kansas Laird Noller has Ford dealerships in Lawrence, Kansas City and also Laird Noller Topeka. So whether your car shopping or just getting service for your Ford check out this Kansas Ford Dealer today.

Friday, June 13, 2008

More Layoffs At Ford

Ford managers met with Union officials to let them know that more layoffs would be coming due to poor economic headwinds. Previously large pickup trucks and SUV's drove the automakers from Detroit such as ford to profit but now with high gas prices folks are trading those large Ford cars and trucks for smaller imported vehicles. Even smaller Ford vehicles and new hybrid vehicles are not enough to keep all the Ford employees working. Many layoffs at Ford will come in the form of early retirement or buyout packages which may lessen the sting for some Ford employees. If your in the market for a new vehicle, you can help these folks by visitingg a Ford Dealer and see what they have to offer.