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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Laird Noller Kansas

If your in the market for a new or used vehicle in Kansas, just look for the name Laird Noller before any car dealership. Laird Noller is a quality name on quality Kansas car dealerships. In fact whether your looking at a Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, or Jeep or many others you'll find what your looking for at any of the Laird Noller Ford or Laird Noller Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealerships in Kansas. Speaking of Ford since this is the Ford Dealer Blog. In Kansas Laird Noller has Ford dealerships in Lawrence, Kansas City and also Laird Noller Topeka. So whether your car shopping or just getting service for your Ford check out this Kansas Ford Dealer today.

Friday, June 13, 2008

More Layoffs At Ford

Ford managers met with Union officials to let them know that more layoffs would be coming due to poor economic headwinds. Previously large pickup trucks and SUV's drove the automakers from Detroit such as ford to profit but now with high gas prices folks are trading those large Ford cars and trucks for smaller imported vehicles. Even smaller Ford vehicles and new hybrid vehicles are not enough to keep all the Ford employees working. Many layoffs at Ford will come in the form of early retirement or buyout packages which may lessen the sting for some Ford employees. If your in the market for a new vehicle, you can help these folks by visitingg a Ford Dealer and see what they have to offer.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Latest Ford Promotion

Ford has started running a new line of commercials featuring Toby Keith promoting the Ford Employee Discount sale. As in previous years until the end of June Ford is offering to sell cars and trucks at the same price that Ford employees pay. I wonder how the employees of Ford feel about this? On one hand they could be hopeful that the Ford Employee Discount sale promotes the sale of Ford vehicles and thus maintains their own jobs. On the other hand they could be resentful that their exclusive benefit is being given out to the public during the Ford Employeee Discount Sale.