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Monday, September 05, 2011

Ford Helps Protect Indiana Workers From Unemployment

One of the best promotions I ever saw for selling cars was done by Ford Motor Company. They pitched that if you buy a Ford car or truck and then later become unemployed Ford will take over your payments until you find work. For those in high unemployment states like Indiana this is a smart pitch. When times are uncertain and you have friends and reletives receiving Indiana unemployment benefits why on earth would you go buy a new Ford and take out a loan to do so? Well maybe you would if your payment is covered should you also become unemployed. An offer like this is smart as it shows Indiana residents that Ford knows their situation, Ford will have their back and also Ford is smart in that the odds despite high unemployment are quite small that those who can afford to take out a car note for a new Ford will actually become unemployed. There is also that small slice that even if unemployed will not actually hold Ford's feet to the fire to cover their car payment since they will receive unemployment insurance. One question i'd have related to this promotion. Would recipients of unemployment benefits have to claim the income from Ford making their note payment as income thus reducing their benefit?